In My White T

America’s society, symbolized by the wearing of a new white t-shirt. The classic white t-shirt very well may be the most popular color t-shirt for both girls and guys. Like any westernized society it is pure white but it doesn’t mean that a white t-shirt is neither better or worse than a blue, black, or red t-shirt.

When you wear a white t-shirt there is always a much higher threat of getting a stain on it since every color will show up on white. You are very cautious to not get your shirt dirty but it is virtually inevitable… Take for instance you spill coffee on your white t-shirt. You become angry and look in disgust as you see this color being absorbed and expanded on your shirt. Even the smallest drip will be absorbed and expanded into what is no longer your delicious coffee, but a stain that you must get rid of in order to maintain the purity of your beloved white t-shirt.

Now that your t-shirt has a stain you are now willing to do anything to preserve it. In order to do this, first you have to take the shirt off… It’s funny how you never know how dirty your hands really are until you put them on your white t-shirt. Now your problem is bigger as dirt stains and liquid stains require different methods of cleaning. Nonetheless you will do anything in your power to eradicate or obliterate these stains to the point that either no one will notice or care that you have them.

In your first encounter with a stain you don’t know which products or methods to use to remove them so you try any and everything until you find one that works. Over time as your experience with getting stains increases, you perfect your methods in which to get rid of them. Knowing that stains are inevitable to conceive as long as you wear these white t-shirts that you love so much, instead of simply changing the color of your shirt you find it best to apply your simple solution which you continuously mold time after time again.

You grow a hate for the stains as they ruin your beloved white t-shirt but the truth is that no one else but you provoked the entire the ordeal. You wear the white t-shirt, you bought and spilled the coffee, you’re the one with the dirty hands and only you and God knows how long they’ve been that way. You have been in control the entire time trying to fix the problem yet you don’t realize that the problem is you.

This is a metaphor that translates directly into white supremacy and the oppressive system of racist government in America. The purpose of wearing a shirt is to cover up what’s underneath. Our country wears a shirt to cover up all of its lies and false advertisements of liberty and justice and for all, cloaking itself under white domination.

The dark past that is hidden is the mass genocide of the indigenous people, known as Native Americans, who inhabited this land in a civilized manner. Europeans arrived in America and began the slaughter and burning of these people, their homes, and communities. Taking their land and claiming it for their own. Thus European/white colonization in America began.

Where are these indigenous people now?

If you fast forward to 1864 when African American slaves became freed from slavery you will realize that this is the first encounter of coffee being spilled. Before this, white people had a good grip on the mug of dominance but once African Americans had been liberated from this form of slavery we spilled all across this white t-shirt of country and expanded our minds. Enhancing ourselves by creating our own societies free of white domination, and becoming the great people that we truly are. White people soon saw us as threat, a stain on there beloved white t-shirt.

With their already dirty hands from the past they proceeded to conjure up ways to eliminate this new threat to their society by any means necessary. Thus began the mass genocide of African American people in this country, as if the subjugation of African American existence had not already been in perpetuation since 1712 when William Lynch set his theory in motion.

Over time as coffee continued to spill and African Americans continued to rise up in this country and on this white t-shirt, our government has been perfecting ways in which to contain and deteriorate the expansion of the African American mind. We are now back into a cup of white domination and though we may shake the cup and drip on this white t-shirt of a country from time to time, a quick fix is applied and the cup is back in place.

Many of us inside of the cup don’t know our history or all of the lies and half truths underneath that white t-shirt while our government continues to protect their beloved white t-shirt from any major spills. They take they’re filthy hands and continue to tighten their grip while moving the cup further away from their t-shirt and away from the truth.

…It’s time to spill.

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