Knee Pads

They say that it takes two chains to make a slave.
One on the physical frame and one on the brain.
Welcome to America, the home of the brave.
Land of homocide and genocide.
This world is fucked up to the point that I question if there is a god?
Better yet, why do you start a war against Islam?
The entire globe on standby
While Israel drops bombs on Palestine during Ramadan.

It all happened so fast,
The people didn’t eat so they’re weak.
No military forces because it’s the religion of peace.
Can’t fight back so the women and children scatter like sheep
But they wouldn’t get far because they’re too busy on their knees…

That’s right baby get on ya knees,
Mhhmm take your time with it…
If it’s right I’ll come back 5 times a day
Or is it something that I’m missing?
If God is almighty and loves us so much that we were made in it’s image,
What makes you think that he wants to see you in this position?
The lowest of low,
To whom/what are you really submitting?

It’s all timed so they know exactly when to bomb.
While the entire city is on it’s knees,
A sick twist on what you would normally call a blow job.
I know that might have been a little out of place,
But if nobody is going to help these people
Why don’t they help themselves?

The first step is getting them off of their knees.
Second step is questioning why Amerikkka provides Israel with all it needs,
To manifest a false destiny.
Is this what the divine plan reads?
And all that we can do for comfort is look to God and #PrayForPalestine
But reality doesn’t provide pads for your knees.

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