What is flawlessness?
Girl you got me ready to give up all this shit, for you.
But how could you tell if what I’m saying is true?
I could say I’ll show you but that’s just too typical,
And to do that I’d have to do what other men wouldn’t do…

Look at you,
Now look at me just look at you.
Words can’t describe what you put me through.
When I stare into your eyes I see the moon and sun collide,
As if it were meant to be, like we.

While infinity grows I witness the birth of a star,
Then I snap back to reality and realize how perfect you are.
A diamond.
Put that carbon to use and ink your name on my heart,
The perfect signature,
Have these carbon copy chicks looking at you sinister.

What is impeccability?
To plant one thousand seeds and watch them grow into beautiful trees,
Bearing fresh fruits of all kinds, the sweetest grapes from tall vines.
Mass variety is the essence of life itself,
I find everything I need in you.
Everything I need is you, like the earth.
Planting seeds to exalt the divinity of a being who gives birth.
A bountiful garden provides all things essential,
Your perfection is just a microcosm of all things existential.

The universe is all that you are but I find myself voyaging on a lonely star,
Long distance just to get to you.
Expanding dark matter renders your unlimited potential,
Dilating infinitely through time and space.
Yet while chaos assumes all around,
I watch in awe towards the one who wears the crown.

What is perfection if it isn’t defined by you?

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