3:48 Unfulfilled

At 3:48 AM the absence of your presence haunts me.

A stygian & silent murkiness lingers around my room while your voice replays in my mind, a dolor sound worth listening to as I lay in seclusion.

2,725 miles doesn’t seem too far to dream. My only fear is distance will grow between us, a dark matter… Expanding my desire while extinguishing the passion until it becomes void.

My senses turn desolate of all that you are, muffled to only a memory.

Each day more grave as I yearn to see you. Interactions with you in my dreams become fabled though they don’t suffice.

Unable to perceive your scent or feel the vibrations of your actuality I fall into isolation, incapable of filling your space with another.

Often I wonder if you’ve been able to redeem for my lack of availability. Maybe my impression wasn’t one to preserve… Perhaps that’s why I don’t hear from you as frequently as I’d like.

At 3:48 AM the absence of your presence haunts me, like the unknown fate of my soul when I depart from this life. Always wondering if you’re protected, things I may regret, where you are, and if you’re reminiscent of me…

Darkness falls during the night while the brightest star remains glaring though unattested. Through the moon’s deceptive reflections do I find myself redolent of your radiance…

An illusion of my own judgment to mistake this for standard…

I never realized how dark the universe is until you weren’t there.


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