White Light Year

At the start of April, 2016 we have already begun to experience the type of weather that causes us to look with joy toward the next day ahead. Despite the year 2016 being a leap year with 366 days, 1 more than the typical 365, I have found an even more interesting reason to look ahead and find what is in store over the next 24 hours…

Since the very first day of the year independent and unsigned rapper Asaad from Philadelphia has been making a statement, releasing a new track everyday since the very first day of the year on January 1st, 2016. For the last 95 days of what is being called by Asaad and his fans the ‘White Light Year’ he has released 95 songs.

Having been a fan of Asaad’s music before the year 2016, virtually everyday I wake up I look forward to hearing the new track of the day, however on days when I find myself too busy to stream music from the Soundcloud app on my phone I start to think that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of that music. By collaborating with acclaimed producers such as DP Beats, Knxwledge, and Kanye West, Asaad has bombarded the music industry with a flurry of decent material. Being that we are only into the fourth month of the year I don’t suspect that Asaad’s feat to release 366 songs this year will be recognized by a mass of people until much later in the year.

In anticipation for the warm and wonderful weather of the summer I am also looking forward to hear what Asaad has in store for his listeners. Having already released 95 tracks this year there is only a mere 271 days left. Coupled with the warmest months of the year and plenty of motivation to see this White Light Year to the end, I vision Asaad heating up this summer with a plethora of music and no sign of slowing down.

For those that aren’t already familiar with Asaad here’s a list of my 10 favorite songs he’s released so far this year. There’s still a count of 85 tracks that didn’t make the list but hopefully this list will first introduce you to Asaad’s brand of music and secondly give you a start on trying to catch up on his path to 366. All of the songs released by Asaad this year can be found on his Soundcloud page;https://soundcloud.com/saudimoney

10. My Zone Is Cold

9. N.A.S.A.

8.Nephilim (Prod. Knxwledge)

7. Rise Above You (Prod. Sha Money XL)

6. Most Young Kings 2 (Prod. Childish Major)

5. Alright (Prod. DP Beats)

4. 27FU (Prod. Youth Is Dead)

3. Local Lover Boy (Prod. Heaven In Stereo)

2. Til My Soul Run Wild (Prod. Plu2o Nash)

1. What You Make It (Prod. DP Beats)


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