A Revolutionary Black Women Is Running For President

This year’s presidential election has been very disappointing, to say the least, and many Americans have become discontent with the two-party system. Academics such as W.E.B. Dubois, Bernard Grofman, and Donald Saari have long questioned the ability of the American political/voting system to provide quality choices and produce leadership that fights on behalf of the displaced and oppressed.

With Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton running for president on the main stage, many Americans will argue there are no other options, however, Monica Moorehead is a revolutionary black woman from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and most definitely the best chance that America has in 2016 at electing someone committed to creating positive and progressive change. Since her first run for presidency in 1996 Moorehead has gained popularity around the nation for her unwavering stance against the colonial U.S. government and its institutions of imperialism, racism, and oppression.

Monica Moorehead and running mate Lamont Lilly are aiming for the presidency via the Workers World Party. This revolutionary socialist platform is committed to the liberation of all oppressed people regardless of geographic location, gender, class, race, and sexuality. By envisioning and working to create a world without poverty, police, war, and racism, the Workers World Party platform is sure to shake up the false progressives of the Democratic party and enrage Republican conservatives. The 10 point program emphasized by the World Workers Party advocates the abolishment of the prison industrialist system, the freeing of political prisoners, self-determination for all ethnic/racial groups, full rights for all queer people, reproductive justice, and a host of other policies aimed at liberating humans who are oppressed here in America and all over the planet.

Having ran for president in the 1996 and 2000 election, Monica Moorehead is no stranger to political activism and the intersecting institutions that function as oppressive, repressive, and suppressive forces against the freedom of human beings that have historically suffered great loss under the settler colonial occupation of the American continents. Joining an exclusive group of black women who once entered the race for the United States presidency, like Shirley Chisholm and Cynthia McKinney, Monica Moorehead’s candidacy in the 2016 election provides many people who’s voices are often silenced and marginalized by settler colonial institutions. If citizens of the United States are truly committed to creating a society built on justice and a world that is free of oppression then they should stand with Monica Moorehead, Lamont Lilly, and the World Workers Party throughout the 2016 presidential race and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about the Workers World Party platform and presidential candidate Monica Moorehead you can visit the WWP website athttp://www.workers.org/wwp/. Follow @wwp2016 on Twitter and like the Monica Moorehead & Lamont Lilly 2016 Facebook page to stay updated on the revolutionary movement going on in the streets of the United States.

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