Mona Lisa

I used to fuck on young Mona Lisa,
She tore my heart up, pieces to pieces…

Pieces and pieces of me,
At least who I used to be… or thought I was.

I thought it was love and yours was the sweetest,

My Brown Sugar babe moans the loudest when I eat it.

I put you on top and thought nobody could beat us,

Who could’ve stopped us if not us?

I dug into you deeper than 6 with sheets clinched in ya fist,

Once you release and give in, we can lay this bed to rest.

Look at this mess!
That we got ourselves into

Someone I was a friend to turned foe but still my love one holds.

To fall for someone new it would take a miracle.

I couldn’t even begin to give myself the way I did for you to someone else.

My love is gone and there is none left,

Emptied of it all, her absence is like theft.

My joy was snatched and now the sun is gone,

Obscuring the view of the thing I find most beautiful is worse than death.

Excavate my memories and trade them in for misery.

Praying one day you’ll send for me but I’m not asking for your sympathy.

I had to let you know you’re the best thing that ever happened,

And everything happens for a reason so us meeting couldn’t have been on accident.

Maybe it was, but damn that’s tragic.

I showed you what it meant to be a savage and you became a savage,

Now my heart is broken but that’s just collateral damage.

Ain’t no insurance for lost love or paralyzing sorrow,

Give you what’s left in this icebox to repay you for the love that was borrowed.

Love don’t live here anymore so messages get returned to sender

Exhaling the pain every time I breathe until my only memory is I forget her…

I used to fuck on young Mona Lisa,
She tore my heart up, pieces to pieces.

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