White Devil, Black Snake

White devil wants a black snake,

But black snake wastes all the water I drink.

White devil searches for land it can take,

Fracking for black snakes nest makes the earth quake.

White devil gets support from the bank,

So black snake can slither through rivers and states.

White devil doesn’t care what is at stake,

Black snake only has broken treaties to thank.

White devil thinks of all the money it will make,

Black snake sits patiently and waits.

White devil hires security for pay,

So black snake is protected all through the day.

White devil destroys everything in its way,

Black snake moves forward and gets put into place.

White devil influences what the president will say,

Black snake is black, not a valet.

White devil brutalizes women and children,

Black snake will finish the job…

Black snake will kill them.

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