Sure Thing

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful?

Isn’t it amazing that god created a woman to be everything she’d want her to?

The immaculate reflection of an eternal investment,

I’m hoping I can match the bidding price,

Even though some things are priceless,

But if god accepts credit then I’ll have to make an offer that’s serious as my life is…

Put it on the line for the girl with the brown eyes.

Ready to risk it all for the things that money can’t buy.

I’m not afraid to roll the dice,

I’ll take my chances with love but I won’t reveal my cards until I know it’s right…

A match made in heaven.

Tell the choir to play a selection,

So our hearts can play to the beat, 

A song that’s as sweet as the girl of my dreams.

Sugar (pie)

Honey (bunch)

I see…

It’s clear how incredible you are despite me.

Praying you don’t take these words lightly cause giving up on this love is unlikely.

What are the odds?

I stare into your eyes and feel closer to god,

Conversations erase time cause you’re able to see me from the inside…

Parts of my being that I don’t show.

Whether we were put on this planet for one another I don’t know,

But plants without sun light don’t grow.

So towards the light you bring into my life I’ll always go…

My chances of being in love with you forever are most likely definitely for sure.

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