Smoke and Mirrors

I just haven’t been myself lately…

Call me crazy for thinking of you and the times when you used to call me baby.

Didn’t think I could feel pain until you identified me by my real name.

I guess you don’t see me the same.

Can’t tell if you see me at all or if you’ve seen all of me.

Leaping for your attention may as well be the fall of me…

Not that I can’t make it across the pit to the other side,

But you already know I don’t jump that high and it seems like a waste to show you something you’ve seen me do 100 times.

It’s not that amusing…

Love is confusing.

I was just using you as muse,

Now I’m stuck in my blues

And I just can’t shake it or break it,

I can’t even fake it cause it shows up on my face,

I’m starting to breakout.

You’ve got me broken down,

And there’s nothing sadder than the tears of a clown…

Smoke and Mirrors 🤡

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