The Golden Key Foundation: Opening Doors Through Youth Mentorship

During times of uncertainty, where the United States government has devolved into a fascist dictatorship that aims to further defund public welfare programs like Meals on Wheels and various after school programs across the country that are used to provide support for families and resources for the youth, The Golden Key Foundation as a non-profit organization founded by class of 2017 graduate of The Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Quiyiim Saunders, seeks to provide a mentoring and leadership development program for high school students that are seeking to attend college. The philanthropic efforts put forth by Saunders, which are embodied in the overall mission of The Golden Key Foundation, has most recently led to him receiving the first ever “Heart of the Wolf Award” during the Founders Day ceremony celebrating Cheyney University’s 180th year. By primarily targeting African-American high school students within Philadelphia and surrounding areas including Chester County, Delaware County, and Camden, New Jersey, The Golden Key Foundation wants to engage students and aid them through high school graduation and the college admissions process.

Seeking to implement a program that would provide resources to families in need who may lack the necessary technology or information to assist their transitioning students in the enrollment process, The Golden Key Foundation is routinely searching for new and innovative ways in which students from underserved schools and communities can obtain access to higher education. To help achieve this mission The Golden Key Foundation is intent on ensuring that the scholars who receive their service attend a historically black college or university (HBCU). By coupling the mission of The Golden Key Foundation with the focus of historically black institutions to provide students with warm accommodating services and a hospitable environment, The Golden Key Foundation is able to provide a unique service that reinforces the values of education within the African-American community.


(Pictured above are members of The Golden Key Foundation’s Executive Board [Quiyiim Saunders, Dejon Sullivan, Uri Simms, and Isaiah Stratton] with members of the Philadelphia chapter of the Cheyney University Alumni Association)

One major goal of The Golden Key Foundation is to provide a mentoring service for students throughout their years in both high school and college. The resources and services furnished by The Golden Key Foundation are aimed at lowering high school dropout rates, raising college admissions, and raising college graduation rates in the African-American community. Not only aiming to raise the number of students enrolled at HBCU’s The Golden Key Foundation is interested in partnering with institutions of higher learning to provide services that will retain students at their university and see them through to their graduation. As an organization founded by HBCU alumni and built upon the philanthropic efforts of Quiyiim Saunders, The Golden Key Foundation hopes to instill the philanthropic spirit in its members and see them use the skills and information learned throughout their academic endeavors to best help impoverished communities upon graduation.

In celebration of its first annual The Golden Key Foundation will be holding a meet and greet event on May 24th at The Residence Inn Marriott located at 11 Fellowship Drive, Glen Mills, PA. As an important networking opportunity The Golden Key Foundation is looking for sponsors and donors to attend the event and pledge support toward the organization’s mission and program. If interested in attending the event one should email or contact Quiyiim Saunders to RSVP. Having already successfully integrating over 20 students into their program and receiving support from the Philadelphia chapter of the Cheyney University Alumni Association, The Golden Key Foundation seeks to build upon its’ efforts and continue empowering youth to bring positive change throughout their community.

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