‘Cept Us

The big windows on the bus aren’t so bad being so I can see more.

See me seeing more on this detour,

Fourth of July festival, they blocked 15th street off.

Looking through the advertisement to catch all of the excitement.

Expecting a spectacle,

All eyes on me as I lean from my seat where I was previously stuck like a vegetable.

Mr. Potatohead can’t get ahead.

Hardly getting bread, barely getting by.

Tourists come for tours and learn to toy with his story despite the city being gentrified.

They keep spreading lies.

Passerby’s never ask why?

The reality of living in an American ghetto is mine…

I’m just hoping that this detour gets me home in time.

Just left my 9 to 5, a nigga tide.

At night I still fall asleep and American dream of things I desire.

I wanna be loved, it’s simple enough.

Who wants to spend their whole life strugglin n’ stuff?

Surely ain’t me.

Living underneath a microscope yet still unseen.

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