Sleeping On You

Another missed call…
I was expecting my phone to ring but I dozed off…
It’s hard staying woke.
Don’t take me for a joke,
I’m not lying I was really trying.
I want to talk to you
Go over my birth chart with you,
Read me…
Don’t need FaceTime to see me
I was gon call but I got sleepy,
Believe me.

I been sleeping on you literally,
But it didn’t take long for you to figure me.
I’ll call first thing in the morning,
While you’re yawning,
And the sun is rising,
Perfect timing.
I sleep no more.
Never knew I would be so sure,
Or this ecstatic about something that greets me.
I question if hearing ya voice is better than the darkness I find when I close my eyes each time I get sleepy…

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