R.I.P. (Romance Is Phony)

I can’t tell if I’m being scammed by romance
It’s like I wanna take a chance and be yo man,
But I don’t wanna be a leech and mess up any of yo plans.
Maybe I need to get with the program?
I get a euphoric feeling when I listen to slow jams,
And when the track fades out I hit repeat
Til’ the track is played out then I switch to a new beat.
Time tells that all things suffer defeat
Even you,
Including me…

That’s just stating it plain.
These days I don’t think about love the same.
As serious as my life is
I often think about how I’ll be framed,
When it’s all over and done with.
Was it a mission complete?
Or did I waste time over dumb shit
Like overconsumption?
Or believing if I just found this one chick
And she was the prototype who would know my life
We’d fall madly in love
And God will tell me that he knows I’m right
And grant us jannah as we enter a superficial paradise,
Apart from reality,
A sweet escape from society,
A fantasy,
Only as real as we allow it to be.

Love and infatuation eases our pain while the rest of the world burns.
It’s a bad religion to chase a habit.
Role playing addicts
And mythical love is the drug of the day,
A sedative that we rely on until it all fades away.
And we all have our day
When it all fades away…

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