Rain Dance

Your love is electric and I just can’t help it to be excited
It’s quite shocking that I fell for you so fast
Your love is lightening!
Organic, natural, and raw
I’m in awe, dropped jaw
At this phenomenal woman who came into my life like a storm
Quenching my flame
I’m blown away
Flooded with love
Dancing in the rain,
For the mistress of the elements
I’m celebrant, and my feet won’t tire until my love for you is evident

So, tell me then…
Are you heaven sent?
What’s the source of your benevolence?
Are you a god amongst mortals?
Because my admiration for you is abnormal
Hoping someday I’ll be able to jump high enough into a cloud just to catch a glimpse of your smile
Your cleansing energy brings me the same joy that you give to the ground when the rain is pouring down
You gave me permission to grow so I just thought you should know,
That even when my feet get so’ and my garments are soaked,
And they tell me to stop dancing,
And I tell em “no!”
I will always yearn for you.

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