How do I know if it’s real if I can’t touch it?
Somebody’s gotta be bluffing
Niggas be making up shit based off assumptions
Bible thumping thinking that because the text is ancient that it means something
That shit don’t mean nothing
Wasting time waiting for an afterlife in paradise
Or the return of some bastard who was sacrificed
But I’ve never seen a dead man come back to life
No matter how times you pray for him
You could set aside a whole day for him
It’s been over 2000 years and y’all still gon wait for him
But Jesus ain’t coming back
And it’s even more egregious to believe it if you’re black
Cause where his ass was at when we was getting whipped on our backs?
Or even before that when the colonists first attacked?
So if that’s your idea of a God who’s all knowing, almighty, and merciful
You should find something better to work for you…
Beause he’s not working for US!

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