Flag Day

Fuck ya flag

It’s a rag

You put one up and we gon tear it down

You gassed it up so we gon burn it down

The whole plantation

This whole damn nation

Founded on genocide, capitalism, and racism but instead of just facing it we practice escapism and revisionism

Fuck ya founding fathers and whoever was at the table sitting with them

Fuck Betsy Ross and the fabric she was stitching

Colonizers should’ve never left Britain

or Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands

This will never be their land lest I die where I stand

And my brethren will shake their hands while my blood washes away in the sand

Dissolving like the revolutionary fervor we once shared

So now we compromise out of fear because there’s not much more that we can bear

We’ve already bore the brunt of it

So let’s burn it down and be done with it

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