My name is Uri Simms. I am a senior and liberal studies major at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania (1st historically back college in the U.S.) from North Philadelphia. I began writing in 2013 during my freshman year in college as a way to express myself and deal with things in my life that I found hard to cope with. Since then I have discovered a love for poetry and expressing myself through literary and visual depictions. I created this blog to share my work with others and potentially begin a career as a professional writer.

My full name given to me by parents is Uri Terres Simms. Terres comes from my mother whose first name is Teresa. However, I write using the alias Uri Talib. I chose the name Talib because of it’s meaning, “seeker of knowledge” or “student”, and see myself as someone who will continue to be a student of life, history, the world, and universe until the day I no longer exist as a physical being on this plane.